The Adelphi Paper Hangings blog focuses on the many different aspects of hand block printing of wallpaper.  It’s a decidedly archaic art form, one whose decline occurred as a result of an earlier technological shift, the Industrial Revolution of the 1840’s and 1850’s . Despite, or perhaps because of its slightly temperamental habits and hand produced qualities, we at Adelphi feel block printing can contribute to the wallpaper and design conversation from the unique perspective of our seldom visited corner of the design world.

Needless to say, there has always been more to our workdays at Adelphi Paper Hangings than the parts that filter down to the catalog page of our website.  (In addition to feeding the cat, that is.)  We plan to use this blog to feature some of the lesser known aspects of our work.

There will be posts about new patterns, of course: we have a healthy appetite for new designs.  These will include newly reproduced two hundred year-old patterns as well as new contemporary artist-designed wallpapers.  We will also be able to explore some of the patterns already in the catalog and aspects of design, history and printing that they illustrate, as well as the materials and production methods involved.  Our archive has many original wallpaper documents–some with patterns already drafted for reproduction–that few people get to see outside our workshop, and we are frequently called on to examine other historic documents that we think will be of interest to our readers.  We are frequently involved in special projects, whether historic restorations or new installations that are unusual or unique.

In short, for those who can’t visit us here in Sharon Springs the blog will be the next best thing.

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